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Beverly Wilson is the Author of novels commonly referred to as Adult Children's Books. She writes light-hearted comedies about a family she's created from real life experiences. The personalities of some of her book's characters are a combination of people she has actually had the pleasure of meeting and were her inspiration for writing these books that keep her readers laughing out loud.

She has completed eight books in her Marcy/Darcy Series: Mischief Murder and Mishaps, A Propensity for Mischief, A Triple Dose of Mischief, Mama Mia's Minding the Mischief, Muddling Through the Mischief, A Shocking Tale of Mischief , A Mountainous Trail of Mischief and A Tangled Web of Mischief.

She lives in Missouri City, Texas, with her husband, Michael, Four Shih-Tzu's and a Golden Retriever.

Please note that the books need to be read in the sequence they appear.

E-mail me bw@beverlywilsonbooks.com

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My Titles

Mischief Murder & Mishaps



Book One

Mischief, MURDER & Mishaps

This Four Part Light Hearted Who Done it Mystery is about a retired seamstress, Hildy Brunner, who is living in New York City, and spending her golden years as a matchmaker. She lives with her dim-witted twin nieces, Marcy & Darcy Brunner.  All of a sudden, her clients are turning up murdered, so she is forced to flee New York with the twins. As they head down the East Coast, it's one comical mishap after the other. Hildy has a deep dark secret and as the story unfolds, so does the mystery behind this secret.

656 Pages

A Propensity for Mischief



Book Two

A Propensity for Mischief

A whole new avenue of adventure opened up for twins Marcy & Darcy Brunner when they fled New York with their Aunt Hildy. Get ready for a triple dose of laughter because Beauregard King the Third, an oil tycoon living in Tulsa, Oklahoma, has just discovered he's the twin's father. His parents are also living and so is his mischievous Grandmother. She, along with the twins and a talking parrot are a hilarious combination. Their antics are non-stop throughout the book. 

602 Pages

A Triple Dose of Mischief



Book Three

A Triple Dose of Mischief

At the end of "A Propensity for Mischief" readers presumed twins Marcy and Darcy Brunner King, along with their Great Grandmother, Bertha Bixby, were killed when the schooner they were sailing to the Canary Islands exploded. Now, the trio is back and continuing their botched but hilarious antics as Private Detectives.

564 Pages

Mama Mia's Minding the Mischief


Book Four

Mama Mia’s Minding the Mischief

The mischief goes from bad to worse when ​Darcy Brunner King marries Detective WaynePatterson  and her sister Marcy weds his brother Wyatt, who are almost twice their age. The  funnies escalate when the twins meet their  interfering, Italian mother-in-law, Mia Patterson. The girls keep her and their husbands in 

constant turmoil as their private detective shenanigans continue to interfere with the Tulsa Police Department's criminal


​511 Pages

Muddling Through the Mischief



Book Five
Muddling Through the Mischief

This two- part comedy focuses on Family function and dysfunction when the mischievous trio, Marcy and Darcy Patterson, along with their Great Granny, Scarlett (Bertha) Bixby, are forced to close their Executive Detective Agency. They decide to change careers and flip homes. One of their properties has buried secrets and eventually they're back in business solving crimes and competing for the spotlight with the Tulsa Police Department.

​475 Pages

A Shocking Tale of Mischief



Book Six

A Shocking Tale of Mischief

There’s a whole lot of shocking going on when identical twins Marcy and Darcy Patterson, along with their great-grandmother, Scarlett Butler, continue their on-going interference with the Tulsa Police Department’s investigations. Their antics finally catch up with them and they are sentenced to serve time in a Woman’s Correction Facility, where they continue to conduct business as usual. When they discover collusion between the prison’s Warden and a crooked Judge, their failure to cease and desist with their inquiries cause life threatening situations and they are forced to leave Oklahoma. The mischief continues as their sojourn to Cocoa Beach, Florida, finds them once again in pursuit of serial killer, half-sister, Marvel Ann Stockings, whose Schizophrenia continues to escalate out of control.

513 Pages

A Mountainous Trail of Mischief



Book Seven

The funnies escalate when Marcy and Darcy Patterson go searching for their husbands' whose private jet has crashed in the Appalachian Mountains. They encounter the Larders, a family of hill Billys' who mistake them for something other than human. Their experiences are

intertwined with their spouses' who have been rescued and held captive by another member of the clan, Willow Larder.  Her beauty is surpassed by her gentle and caring ways which make both men realize what is missing in their


396 Pages

A Tangled Web of Mischief


Book Eight

There are many webs of deceit going full throttle with the humorous characters in Book Eight of the Marcy/Darcy Mischief Series. The Executive Detectives continue with their non-stop antics in pursuit of their serial killer, half-sister, who is constantly escaping the clutches of the Tulsa Police Department. Their great-grandmother, Scarlett Butler, also stumbles onto a dating service that is murdering elderly women who are seeking relationships with younger men, who in turn, bilk them out of their life savings. Hillbilly, Angus Larder’s knifing to get his hands on the Tuttle fortune has cost him his wife and three daughters while Marvel Ann Stockings has taken on another disguise to beat him at his own game as she continues her killing spree wherever she goes.

356 Pages

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